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    KSHIP will consider edited book/monograph proposals in areas of Humanities and Social Sciences across various disciplines with special focus on the following research areas:
    Digital Humanities, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm studies (especially the humanistic aspects of it), Globalization and Urban Studies, Gender studies, Dalit scholarship, Translation Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Environmental Humanities and other allied areas.

    We will be accepting manuscripts in English, however, KSHIP is committed to being a multilingual scholarly publishing press and therefore welcomes translations and original scholarship in languages other than English. Currently, we will consider manuscripts in Hindi (and will add other Indian languages soon). We are particularly interested in translations of scholarly works in the fields of Science and Engineering and would welcome proposals in the area.

    KSHIP will also host peer reviewed academic journals (that will involve a nominal cost of hosting and publishing costs). All of our publications will be peer reviewed by an international team of experts. The decisions of the editorial board with regard to manuscript acceptance will be final and binding.


    If you would like KSHIP to consider your proposal for a book or journal please fill out this proposal submission form and send it to kship@iiti.ac.in. Alternatively, use the "Publish with us" button at the top right of this screen to be redirected to our Book Management System. Register as author and submit your proposal online.

    Proposals are reviewed by the editorial team at KSHIP to ensure that they fulfil the requirements, interests and mandate of the publishing team. Proposals that meet the criteria of scholarly publishing of the KSHIP editorial team will then be sent to at least two external expert reviewers for feedback and comment. The proposals will be reviewed for originality of content, innovativeness, relevance to the field (to be determined by external experts) and the intended target audience. These will be forwarded to the author and once the responses of the author and the reviewers are in, the manuscript will be 1) accepted with minimal proof reading edits or 2) accepted with substantial revisions or 3) rejected.

    When a proposal is accepted, a publishing contract is signed between the author and the press with details about the timelines for manuscript submission. The complete manuscript will also be subject to the peer review process as detailed in the peer review policy.

    Publishing the Book

    After the author submits the print ready files to the publisher, it will take approximately 12 weeks to publish the book. The book undergoes formatting checks and layout and design procedures. This time can vary slightly, especially for books in Hindi or other languages.

    Language editing or indexing work after the final acceptance date but before finalizing the print ready files, can be done upon request for an additional fee.

    Online readable, downloadable, and print on demand versions are produced. The book is made available with an open access license online and in print via bookstores, and is marketed by KSHIP.

    Printed Books

    Our books are distributed internationally via a 'Print on Demand' service. We keep the retail price of the print books as low as possible for the buyer.

    Our books are available in high quality colour, we provide a standard paper quality and variable formatting and printing options. For example, paperback, hardback, matte or gloss cover finish, black & white or colour prints, and a choice of page size 140 × 216 mm and 156 × 234 mm - decided by the author before the agreement is signed.