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  • A sonnet, Fiction poetry and A rap "Call Me Rapper"

    Akash Yadav

    Chapter from the book: Menon, N et al. 2023. Indian Electronic Literature Anthology: Volume I.


    My first entry is a sonnet I wrote in order to make the reader feel ever more strengthened. Adverse times make one feel weak but once we know that we have someone by our side, fear gradually fades away. This sonnet claims that one is never alone really; they always have Almighty by their side helping them through their struggles.

    My second work is actually a story told in rhymes. I had written it around Halloween time. While it starts building up a gothic atmosphere, it still ends on a much merrier note with a jolly Halloween greeting. One important message implicitly communicated by the poem is that ghosts aren't real.

    My last entry is a rap. The rhyme scheme I have followed in this rap is something I would particularly like to draw your attention towards. Both the verses follow AAAA rhyme scheme for quite a good period of time. Especially, the last verse exhibits such AAAA rhyme scheme for straight 15 lines.

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    Yadav, A. 2023. A sonnet, Fiction poetry and A rap "Call Me Rapper". In: Menon, N et al (eds.), Indian Electronic Literature Anthology. Indore, India: Indian Institute of Technology – Knowledge Sharing in Publishing. DOI: https://doi.org/10.57004/book1.o

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    Published on Dec. 13, 2023


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