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  • Untitled and Others

    Meghna Gangadharan

    Chapter from the book: Menon, N et al. 2023. Indian Electronic Literature Anthology: Volume I.


    This collection of poetry consists of five tercets written on different themes. All are interwoven with the similar serenity of tone and self-conceited ideas. The first three poems are the inner reflections of the poet’s wandering thoughts on the bits of her life experiences and crystallizes her own ideas of self-understanding whereas the last two are written in second person in which the poetess seems to be conversing with her loved one about her deep feelings in a very subtle style that is evident of her fondness towards him/her. The poems are inner narratives filled with equivocation of poetess thoughts and struggle to express herself. The writing style is simple and vivid, except the first two poems, there isn’t any rhyming pattern in the other poems.

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    Gangadharan, M. 2023. Untitled and Others. In: Menon, N et al (eds.), Indian Electronic Literature Anthology. Indore, India: Indian Institute of Technology – Knowledge Sharing in Publishing. DOI: https://doi.org/10.57004/book1.f

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    Published on Dec. 13, 2023


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