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  • Ellam Kalanthu, Mepten எல்லாம் கலந்து, மீட்பன்

    Mohankumar Shanmugam

    Chapter from the book: Menon, N et al. 2023. Indian Electronic Literature Anthology: Volume I.


    “எல்லாம் கலந்து” [Translated as: Combining All] by Mohankumar Shanmugam poignantly portrays the serenity of a writer and the power of his words. The poem invokes imageries mundanity and invokes the spirit of the writer’s ink with blood – as it is the tool to induce the change combining all the spirits of life. மீட்பன் [Translated as: The Savior] is a melancholic song of a young mother longing for the baby that she had when she was young. It is a poem of lost love and longing wretched through the pain of everlasting innocence and infinite time.

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    Shanmugam, M. 2023. Ellam Kalanthu, Mepten எல்லாம் கலந்து, மீட்பன். In: Menon, N et al (eds.), Indian Electronic Literature Anthology. Indore, India: Indian Institute of Technology – Knowledge Sharing in Publishing. DOI: https://doi.org/10.57004/book1.b

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    Published on Dec. 13, 2023


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